Tenleytown Neighborhoods & Subdivisions - Robeyville

4400 Albemarle Street, NW

The last of the early Robeyville houses was built toward the end of 1911, not on Alton Place, but around the corner at 4400 Albemarle Street.

The owners and builders were Fred and James H. Robey.  Fred designed the house. 

Another brother, Elmer, lived here in the 1920s and 1930s.

The children of James W. Robey married into local families and the owners of the original houses quickly became part of Tenleytown’s genealogical puzzle.  Fred, the oldest Robey son, married a Walther in 1893.  The Walther farm abutted Asbury Park.  Another Walther daughter married a Butt, nephew of Jesse Butt.  Yet another Walther daughter married a brother of Samuel Fawcett.  Effie Robey married John T. Duvall, and a Robey son married a sister-in-law of Samuel R. Burrows. 
Today the 4400 block of Alton Place includes several later houses built from 1924 to 1951 but like the houses in the Grant Road Historic District built between the mid-nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth century, and those in Mt. Airy, particularly in the 4800 block of 41st Street, Robeyville, retains the ambience and charm of its early years.   The names Robeyville and Asbury Park are rarely used now and the area is generally included in American University Park, a neighborhood greatly expanded from its late nineteenth century boundaries.