Historic Tenleytown - Subdivisions and Neighborhoods

Possible Landmarks

The Tenleytown Historic Resources Survey (2003) identified a number of sites that merit consideration as landmarks.

Architect:  Albert Harris
Builder: Unknown
Built: 1931

Alice Deal Junior High School

Architect: Richard Ough & Son (1908)
Doleman & McCaw (1926 )
Builder: James Robey and Sons (1908)
R. G Fletcher Fireproofing Co. (1926)
Built: 1908, 1926

William R. Singleton Masonic Temple

Architect: Henry D. Dagit & Sons, Inc.
Builder: Unknown
Built: 1947

St. Ann's Church, Rectory & School

Architect: Rodier & Kundzin
Builder: Meatyard Construction Company
Built: 1926

St. Columba’s Episcopal Church

Architect:  Victor Mindeleff
Builder: Frank Simpson
Built: 1924

Under Oak

Architect: Appleton P. Clark
Builder: Unknown
Built: 1926

Washington City Orphan Asylum

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