Welcome to the Tenleytown Historical Society of Washington, DC

photo: Tenleytown Firehouse, 1925

Historic Tenleytown (spelled "Tennallytown" and "Tenallytown" on older maps) in Northwest Washington, DC, grew from an unincorporated 18th century village to a thriving neighborhood that includes modern Tenleytown as well as the areas now known as American University Park and Friendship Heights.

A 1791 survey of River Road shows Tennally's Tavern at the intersection of River Road and the road known today as  Wisconsin Avenue.

The village of Tenleytown grew - very slowly - around the intersection, taking its name from this local landmark.

The Civil War and the subsequent development of Fort Reno, the arrival of electric streetcars in 1890, and the expansion of the city's gridded streetplan into the neighborhood in the early 20th century all changed the landscape of Tenleytown.

Though rural "Tennallytown" no longer exists, a number of buildings and distinctive neighborhoods remain as visual reminders of the area's history.

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