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4513 49th Street, NW Washington, D. C.

The first owner of this house was John S. Wilfong, listed in the 1900 census as a plasterer. The census also lists his wife, Carrie, adopted son, Earl Taylor, and a boarder, John Fawcett.

This became the home of the Loughran family – their second in AU Park. They had previously lived at 4612 49th Street.

“All water ways were known only as ‘branches,’ ‘creeks,’ but usually ‘the stream’ meant the main stream behind 4513-49 that was the main stream of our ‘valley’ and served Murdock Mill…Our ‘stream’ was about half the size or flow of the Little Falls Branch over in the nearby ‘next’ valley in Maryland.”

In the 1930s 49th Street was lowered five feet and regraded.

P. H. Loughran
1913 – 2004

September 8, 1991







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