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4612 49th Street, NW Washington, D. C.

In addition to J.D. Croissant and David Stone, there were other developers and builders in American University Park, including Galen Tait, who is listed as owner on the permit for this house.

His father James Tait and Augustus Omwake also were active in early AU Park. Galen Tait was active in Republican politics in Maryland. Augustus Omwake lived here with his wife, Lulu, who was Galen Tait’s sister.

The original American University Park straddled Western Avenue; Galen Tait’s residence was on the Maryland side – though the front porch was reported to be in the District of Columbia!

Beginning in about 1914 the Loughran family lived here. P.H. Loughran was approximately one year old when the family moved in. In his 1990 reminiscences, he estimated the population of American University Park in 1914 at somewhere between 130 and 150 in about twenty-six homes.

“This AUP area in 1914 had these relatively unique and valuable living characteristics in my view:

1. Still essentially rural but within DC.

2. Fairly well defined, bounded, and separated from other surrounding areas. It had its own clear identity.

3. Most residents, houses, and social status “above average.” Residents had some simple and common problems and joys. Very wholesome area for growing children.

4. Essential amenities available: sewer, water, electricity, phone, mail, police, schools, transportation.

5. Easy and healthy contact with nature: fields, trees, streams, animals, weather, birds, sky, sounds, gardens, even smells. Great feeling of freedom and well being, particularly for children.”

P. H. Loughran
January 15, 1990






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