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Miss Ada Poore

Ada Poore (1880-1962) lived all of her life on Grant Road, and devoted it to her family, her church, and her neighbors.

Poore was 20 years old when her mother died in 1900.

She had four older brothers and sisters who were already married. But, in addition to Ada, there were seven younger ones at home to care for.

So she helped her father raise the rest of the family.

Over the years, Poore became a legend, not only at St. Ann’s, where she was a devout worshipper, but also throughout Tenleytown.  

She was tireless in her service to others, active in civic affairs, charitable in her personal relations, and a model for many in the neighborhood.

Poore never married, and continued to live in the Poore home on Grant Road until her death.

(from Tenleytown, D.C.: Country Village into City Neighborhood, Judith Beck Helm)

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