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Alice Deal Junior High School Washington, D. C.

  • Name: Alice Deal Middle School
  • Year Built: 1931
  • Architect: Albert Harris

Alice Deal Middle School (originally Alice Deal Junior High) opened its doors in 1931, and was named for the principal of the first junior high school in D.C.

Designed by an unnamed municipal architect, the school grew with the addition of several wings over the course of the next decade.

The auditorium was originally designed to double as a gymnasium, and was constructed with a flat floor reached by descending several steps from the lobby.

It was later reconfigured with a sloping floor in the same space. There were also playrooms on either side of the cafeteria, which provided areas for physical education activities.

The Tenleytown Historic Resources Survey (2003) identified Alice Deal Middle School as a site that merits consideration as a landmark.

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