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Remains of Reno City

By the end of the 1950s only a row of six houses remained in Reno City.

These were located on 41st Street, outside the platted Reno City. In 1973, the occupants, the last residents of the Reno community, were forced to vacate.

The houses were stripped down to their architectural framing, reconstructed, and refaced with the brick exteriors seen today.

The spirit of community that had existed in Reno City persisted. As late as 1983, years after the school closed and the community dispersed, The Washington Post reported on a reunion of former residents.

“Oh, but when we were young we got along so much better on the little we had…We didn’t have to go to the grocery store for nothing. There were peaches and pear trees and grapes in our back yard. …” “We’re all family here.”















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