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St. Ann’s Church Washington, D. C.

  • Year Built: 1947
  • Architect: Henry D. Dagit & Sons, Inc.

The tenth oldest Roman Catholic parish in Washington, D.C., St. Ann’s Catholic Church was established in 1866 through the efforts of a number of Catholics living in Tenleytown, chief among whom was Mrs. Ann Green of Rosedale.

In appreciation of her efforts on behalf of the parish, Mrs. Green was given the privilege of naming the church and chose to name it for her patron saint, St. Ann. The first St. Ann’s Catholic Church, a small chapel with space for one hundred worshipers, was built on this site in 1867.The first rectory, a stone structure, was built in 1891, on Yuma Street, NW, on
land donated by George Green.

When the original church was established, the total population of Tenleytown Village was only 376.

In 1902, the original church was razed and it was replaced in 1903 by a new stone church. In 1946, the church complex was torn down to make room for a larger edifice to be built on site, seen today. The new church would have a three-story rectory next to it and was built in a cross shape made of limestone and brick in the thirteenth century Gothic style.

The Tenleytown Historic Resources Survey (2003) identified St. Ann’s as a site that merits consideration as a landmark.

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