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William R. Singleton Masonic Temple Washington, D. C.

  • Year Built: 1908, 1926
  • Architect: Richard Ough & Son (1908), Doleman & McCaw (1926 )
  • Built By: James Robey and Sons (1908), R. G Fletcher Fireproofing Co. (1926)

The building at 4441 Wisconsin Avenue today bears the date 1926 on its pediment, but in fact it can trace its origins to 1909, when a two story brick building, known as the William R. Singleton Masonic Lodge, was constructed on the site. Years later, in 1926, it was considerably remodeled, a third floor added, and a stucco exterior applied.

The lodge was first organized in 1901 by a group of Tenleytown residents who were members of the Free and Accepted Order of Masons (F.A.O.M). Their new lodge was named for William R. Singleton, the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of D.C., who had died that year. They first met, beginning April 2, 1901, in Tenleytown Hall, above Magruder’s store, according to historian Judith Beck Helm. It was the Number 30 Lodge in the District, and it boasted 75 members in its first year.

The Tenleytown Historic Resources Survey (2003) identified the Masonic Lodge as a site that merits consideration as a landmark.

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