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Marvin Tievsky, Resident

Marvin Tievsky (1917-2011) lived most of his life in Tenleytown witnessing nearly a century of change and growth. His family moved from New York when he was quite young and established a grocery store in the 4900 block of Wisconsin Avenue.

Like many business owners of the time, they lived above the store. From the time he was a young man, Marvin was interested in politics and community affairs, serving for many years as president of the Friendship-Tenleytown Citizens’ Association.

His knowledge of local history was enviable.

A Cultural Tourism DC staff member remembers: “His precise and thoughtful recollections on Tenleytown’s past, and his generosity in sharing them with friends and the general public alike were an inspiration to those of us who seek to unravel the mysteries of times gone by.”

Marvin was affectionately referred to as the “Mayor of Tenleytown,” for his long experience, knowledge and lifelong dedication to his community.

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