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The Robey Family

In 1893 James W. Robey moved from Merrifield, Virginia to Tenleytown with his seven sons and two daughters: Frederick, Albert, Virginia, James, William, Elmer, Effie, Alonzo, and Bernard.

James W. Robey, through Edward Parks, would no doubt have quickly become acquainted with Tenleytown residents working in real estate and construction – including Tom Giles.

And the Robeys became active in two of Tenleytown’s most important institutions: Eldbrooke Church and the Singleton Masonic Lodge.

The children of James W. Robey married into local families and the owners of the original Robeyville houses on the 4400 block of Alton Place quickly became part of Tenleytown’s genealogical puzzle.  Fred, the oldest Robey son, married a member of the Walther family in 1893. 

The Walther farm abutted Asbury Park (the original subdivion name for the area that became known as Robeyville). 

Another Walther daughter married a Butt, nephew of Jesse Butt.  Yet another Walther daughter married a brother of Samuel Fawcett.  Effie Robey married John T. Duvall, and a Robey son married a sister-in-law of Samuel R. Burrows. 

In 1908 the Masons purchased land on Wisconsin Avenue and the Robeys built the new Masonic temple.

When the first meeting in the new building was held in 1909, the Most Worshipful Master was James Harvey Robey, seated in center of this photo. His brother, Elmer, is standing on the far right.



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